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Julie Mondor

Educational goals :

  • Building a collective language in a musical dramaturgy
  • To develop one’s musical and circus culture
  • Enrich his listening, his presence, his relationship to space and to the other


It will allow the meeting between musician improvisers and circus artists to confront music and movementin order to create new writings and musical dramaturgies.

The basis of the work will be based on experimentations and structured improvisations, which will take into account the body, the space, the gesture, the other, or not.

We will visit the free body and the prevented body of each one. By free body I mean the body that is not in the act of « playing » (instruments / rigging).
The prevented body being all the physical constraints generated by the practices.

Participants will be solicited physically and scenically to seek new writings (musical and scenic) with circus artists and vice versa.

Dates : october 20th to 30th, 2020
Place : Ateliers Jeanne Laurent (Saint-Etienne, France)

Rates : 400 €

Concerned public : balance between circus performers and musicians

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For any information, contact Amélie Dubosc : amelie(@) or +33 (0) 4 27 64 23 81




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